Padded Swords

Soft Hanbo's padded swords hides within itself the treated bamboo which is covered with fixed bokken shaped padding and is coated with high quality faux leather where you can find the tsukamaki with real Japanese ito. All this sheathed perfectly into plastic scabbard.


The safety is provided by bamboo, padding and the faux leather.

• The treated bamboo runner give the perfect flexibility for the swords, giving it the similar flexibility of the real sword. The treatment gives also enough strength to not break the core during the intended use.

• Extra padded area on the tip of the blade takes care of your partner's head, keeping it from injuries made with the sharp cutted edge of the bamboo provided often by many other producers.

• Faux leather coating keeps you away from the splinters that you may get with wooden training tools.

The performance and training feeling.

• High quality wrapped tsukamaki with japanese ito helps to get the most out of your training by letting you forget the difference between the sleeky bokken handle and real katana tsuka and let you fully commit to the training.

• The real tsukamaki leaves behind the uncomfortable sweaty palm feeling thanks to it's absorbing ability.

If you wish to have more unique training tool, you may choose a colour combinations of your own preference.

• Traditional Japanese Ito

• Plastic Scabbard included*

• Extra padded tip

• Hand-selected bamboo runners

• Quality faux leather