About us

Soft Hanbo Ltd. handcrafts safe and authentic training equipment to the martial artists, providing them the equivalent feeling of practicing with wooden or metal training equipment, turning training into a safe experience for you and your training partner.

Each order that leaves Soft Hanbo spends hours in Toomas’s hands; from the initial materials to the finished, product that you receive. The result of safetiness, balance & weight are the entire focus from start to finish.

All training tools from Soft Hanbo are crafted with patience and heart at the pinnacle of Toomas’ skill, and intended to be an safe extension of those who use them. A customer will never receive a tool of which we are not 100% saticefied. Our goal is to create a tool which will compliment your training for many years.

If you wish to have more unique training tool, you may choose a colour combinations of your own preference.

“Safe training with Soft Hanbo”



With best regards,

Toomas Telvar