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Seminar Offers - Padded Jo*

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*Seminars Offers catalogue's products are available only for the Bujinkan Seminars participants!
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Soft Hanbo's padded sticks and swords provide you safer and comfortable practice through the training.

Crafting such tools we have turned our attention to the very last detail. The natural bamboo rods give the

perfect flexibility for the sticks, not too stiff and not too flexible. For a better overview of all the properties click

on the product of your interest.

The safety is provided by bamboo, padding and the faux leather.

• The natural bamboo rods give the perfect flexibility for the sticks, not too stiff and not too flexible, giving

the suspension during the practice to not break you partner joints. Even if the rod will be braked using the

excessive power it remains safe. Bamboo rod brakes in only one point comparing with fiberglass rod what will

shatter in spikes and may couse the fatal injuries.

• Extra padded area on the both end of the padded sticks takes care of your partner's head, keeping

it from injuries made with the sharp cutted edge of the bamboo often provided by many other producers.

• Faux leather coating keeps you away from the splinters that you may get with wooden training tools.

If you wish to have more unique training tool, you may choose a colour combinations of your own preference.

• Extra padded area at ends

• Silk printed name tag

• Hand-selected bamboo rods

• Quality faux leather

• Diameter: 1.57" (4 cm)

• Length: 48" (122 cm)


P.S. To get most out of the sticks don't leave them leaning against sharp edges or don't store them on the wall stands for sticks,
because the polster may not recover. Also don't put them in the swordbag with swords because the handguard may press marks on it.

The best for storing sticks on the flat surface or just leaning against the wall.